Christian Ed.


  • Prayer Group gather together once a month to share prayer concerns from both personal and world-wide standpoints.

Please join us if you are able. You also may ask us to pray for you by emailing or calling the church office.

We meet on the 3rd Friday each month at 10:00 am. Next meeting June 18.

  • Women’s Bible Study is open to all women and provides an excellent opportunity for conversation

and fellowship along with deep study. Fall 2021 Schedule to be announced check back for details.

(For more information on any classes of studies call or email the Church Office)

*There may be an occasional deviation of the schedule please check the current newsletter on the home page to verify dates and time of study groups.


Elwood Community Church is a multi-generation community. We value all ages in worship, from our youngest to our most senior folks.

Children are welcome and encouraged to stay through the entire worship service.

There are activity bags throughout the sanctuary for their use during worship, as well as sermon note pages for our older youth.

Our church family does not mind the occasional cry or talking from our youngest disciples -- however, if you wish to step out for a moment, we do have a nursery available upstairs and to the left where you can take your child for a break. We wholeheartedly encourage you to return to worship with your little one at any point during the service.